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Day 30 VLCD

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Can't believe I've been doing the VLCD for 30 days now! So far I've lost 23 lbs. Can't complain about that at all! Looking forward to P3 & using the knowledge I gained during this round & apply it toward healthy eating during P3. I'll def be doing a 2nd round of HCG. I'm going to do YRG Yoga during P3 to help me maintain my weight loss & hopefully shed a few more pounds & inches. I haven't had hardly any losses in the last 2 weeks due to my unpredictable TOM. I may go ahead & start my transition in P3 tomorrow since good ole TOM has decided to show up on a permanent basis now! I've been have it for 2 wks straight with no end!! I'm starting a new job Saturday & need to get this resolved before then. This last year has been a complete doozie for us. My hubby & I were both laid off in March of last year. We took another job to have an income and it didn't work out, so 3 jobs later, I hope this one works out better for us. I am determined 2013 WILL be a better year for us physically, spiritually, & financially.

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  1. marvless's Avatar
    Best wishes for a wonderful 2013!!
  2. Ladybugdrives's Avatar
    Thank you :-)
  3. LilShelliBelli's Avatar
    23 lbs is great! I don't know if I'm going to even reach 20! lol..but in anycase! Congratulations on that and I wish you the best of luck for better things to come this year!
  4. Ladybugdrives's Avatar
    Thank you LilShelliBelli! I wanted more than 23 lbs but I'm definitely happy about the 23! Haven't had any weight loss in 10 years. I lost 20 lbs 10 years ago with weight watchers. Took months of point counting & busting my bootie at the gym!
  5. tomwilla's Avatar
    What a great job 23 lbs... you go girl! that is so awesome, and good luck with the new job