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keeping on track!

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Today marks my last week of P3. In a week I will be starting my 2nd round of injections. Having lost 27 lbs in my last round(30 days of injections), I have lost 2 more lbs on P3. I know it's that YUMMY BP coffee! Wish I had discovered it at the very beginning of P3, but I didn't come to know about this yummy concoction until 3 wks into it(Plus I only get to do BP coffee 2 days a week when I'm home from the road). But that's okay. I feel I have truly broken all addictions to carbs & sugars. I only crave this yummy food I prepare for myself. Went to my moms birthday party yesterday. We went out to eat & had cake afterwards. I stayed on track the entire time. Steak & asparagus at the restaurant, and I PASSED on the cake!!!! That alone is HUGE for me. I use to crave cake and sweets ALL the time. I use to want sweets over other food any day. It's completely different now. I never new that in just one round of HCG I'd learn so much about myself in so many ways. I honestly feel like a new person. If 27 lbs has made me feel this way, what in the world is 150 lbs going to feel like!?!?! I'm excited to find out!
I haven't told anyone other than a friend, my hairdresser, & my mom about doing the HCG. My mom is so excited for me. She couldn't believe how good I look! (I live almost 2 hrs away from my mom & hadn't seen her since Christmas). She is a great cheerleader for me. My friend thinks the food is why I've lost the weight. Well, yes, that's part of it. But there's just SO much more to healthy weight loss than changing the food you eat! If you don't change your mindset around food nothing will ever be a permanent fix. You'll continue to go back to those bad habits, and there comes the weight back. It has taken true dedication to being accountable for everything you eat to be successful for me thus far. Being a trucker & home once a week, my husband & I spend approx. 4 hrs on a off day purchasing, preparing & cooking ALL of our protein for the road. We haven't eaten outside of the truck since we started R1 of HCG. This has just become a normal way of life for us. Having prepared food for the road has been a lifesaver for us. No temptations have crept up at all because we are prepared at every meal.

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  1. pookster's Avatar
    Your so right LBD....congrats on your success. I had a major sweet tooth before hcg and thought as soon as P3 hit I would dive back in..but oddly enough I have no cravings...I dont even do cocoa crack because its just not "doing" it for me. I start P2 again next Monday...so lets enjoy this last week!
  2. Rabo's Avatar
    Huge congratulations on your success. I can imagine being on the road makes it much more difficult, but you are so smart to be prepared - which I'm sure is KEY. It's great that you have the support of your hubster too!

    Keep us updated on R2!
  3. LilShelliBelli's Avatar
    Hi Ladybug!! So good to "see" you!!! I just loved your blog post! It is so inspiring to me and for others to see you have such great success, especially being OTR!!!! My uncle (hubby's side) is also an OTR. If he ever asks me about how I did it, I'm going to tell him that it IS possible to do this while being OTR and I have JUST the perfect mentor for him!!! It's so awesome that your mom is such a great cheerleader!!! And you are absolutely right! HCG protocol is not just changing eating habits, it's about changing the mindset and girl, you have a GREAT mindset! Congratulations to you!!!!! CHEERS!!!
  4. Ladybugdrives's Avatar
    LilShelliBelli-Thanks so much for your encouragement!! Being OTR is no excuse for me anymore LOL!