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Another day.. No loss for the last 4 days !

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I am in phase 2 day 7 and have followed exactly as I should and for the 4th straight day the exact same weight. Yes I have lost a few inches and since loading 10 pds... But have stayed at that for 4 days. Is that normal. I have 30 pounds to lose and it is just nice to see a little change on the scale when you are following the diet correctly. Just a little down I guess... I can do this. Maybe I should not weigh myself everyday????! Also I posted about carbonated flavored water but no answers... Is this ok?

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  1. mraven99's Avatar
    Hello. I have been the same for the past 4 days just be patient u should see a drop if not u can always do a apple day. But 10pounds is a lot in a couple days ur body might be recovering from that loss getting ready for a mother big loss. It is frustrating I want to lose another 22 pounds in this round I was doing great then brick wall. I also had my Tom. I have a soda stream and bought flavored water essence. Carbonated water is fine I use it as a treat because water gets so boring. Good luck with ur losses.
  2. AimMee's Avatar
    You can do it indeed. It helps to NOT weigh yourself every day, as you said - especially so you don't notice small stalls or daily fluctuations. Yes, it would be VERY nice to lose every single day... but unfortunately, that isn't the way it works for most people. Keep your head up and stick to protocol and you'll be fine. It will work and it will start coming off again. As mraven said, your body does have to do some catching up. HCG is fantastic but it isn't a miracle... our poor bodies still need the chance to catch up with themselves!

    If it makes you feel any better, I'm on VLCD 20 and have had gains for the past two days, while being POP. I have no idea why - never happened to me before. But I know when I hit a bump in the road, I put my head down and I keep at it and all is well. So that's what I'll do.

    As far as the carbonated flavored water.. You'll get all kinds of different answers. Sparkling water is fine, imo. I add stevia to mine to flavor it. If you want to get pre-flavored sparkling water, just be sure to check the labels. Some have sucralose (Splenda) or other sweeteners, some have fruit essential oils, some have other chemicals. Good luck!