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No weight change

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I am on day day 6 of phase 2 and new to this diet. I weighed this morning and for the past 2 days I have not lost. I am following exactly...is is normal.

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  1. Mindy Sue's Avatar
    Just stick with it, you will start losing - don't give up! Have a great day & good luck.
  2. Ladydi63's Avatar
    Thanks Mindy! Gotta do this! I struggle just a little bit in the morning since really nothing for breakfast is allowed.
  3. AimMee's Avatar
    Hi Ladydi! Yes, it is normal to not lose every day. It's common to have big/fast losses at the very beginning of the round and then to slow down. Me personally? After the first week, I only wake up to a loss once every three days. If you're following protocol exactly, you have to trust that more losses WILL be coming.

    Another thing to keep in mind is that women, on average, lose 0.5lb per day on this protocol. That isn't to say that you'll lose SOMETHING every day, but it is to say that it all usually ends up averaging out in the end.

    One way to help keep yourself motivated is to take your measurements. Did you do it when you started? If not, do it now. That way, when you've had a period of time with no change on the scale, you can measure yourself again - and there's a good chance you'll see a difference in inches.

    Your first round is always the most exciting and, in my opinion, the most frightening. Keep your head up, know that you're normal, and enjoy the losses when they come!