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How do you prepare eggs in P2?

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I'm on day 11 of my 5th round and I don't think I can stomach any more meat. I'd like to try some eggs. I've read that we can have 1 egg and 3 egg whites as the protein. So far, I have been preparing all of my meats on the George Forman grill, or in a skillet with broth. How should I cook eggs since I can't use any oil/butter? Thanks!

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  1. Leez's Avatar
    Probably the easiest would be to scramble with a little water salt & pepper, then cook in microwave.

    You could also stir into hot broth for a kind of egg drop soup.
  2. defiantaxe's Avatar
    The simplest method involves scrambling the eggs with some water, salt, and pepper, and then microwaving the resulting dish.
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  4. Itadore's Avatar
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