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New to HCG!

HELP......I stuck and getting discouraged!

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I am not sure what to do....I want to lose another 10 pounds on this round and at this rate I see NO way of that happening! My plan was to do a short round and next week I would start P3. I hear people talk about a MINI-LOAD? what is this? I want to get my body back to losing like it was when I started the diet. I am Sooooo discouraged and not sure how I can get back on track with this! Can I stop the HCG for a few days and then start again and do the MINI-Load? Will this help in my weightloss. I am not seeing the inches fall off either which is what I really care about. i want my clothes to fit again!!!

Gorge 166.8
Gorge 168.4
VLCD1 165.4
VLCD2 164.4
VLCD3 161.2
VLCD4 159.8
VLCD5 158.1
VLCD6 157.2
VLCD7 156.6
VLCD8 155.6
VLCD9 156.8
VLCD10 156.4
VLCD11 155.4
VLCD12 155.6
VLCD13 154.8
VLCD14 154.4
VLCD15 152.8
VLCD16 154
VLCD17 153.8
VLCD18 153.4

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  1. taylorfam55's Avatar
    What are you eating? 13 pounds is a good number to lose in just 18 days thats an average loss of .72 pounds per day. In my desire to wake up and be a new skinnier person sometimes I dont think/ feel like Im losing weight fast enough. you look like you are having steady loses except maybe on day 15/6 did you cheat and gain back the 2 pounds lost? The more losses I see usually happen to people who have ALOT of weight to lose. Not to those of us under the 180 range. You are now at where I was when I started my last round. It took my 30 days to get from 154 to 139! Then I lost 4 more pounds on my 3 VLCD after my last dose! I think your doing wonderful! Its hard to do this for a long time, Im trying to do a 40 or more day round this time anticipating having slow losses, so far its going slowly just like I new it would and I havent even lost 10 pounds yet and Im on VLCD 12 I think! (maybe 11 I dont have my notebook handy!) In my opinion I wouldnt want to add any weight back on and if you stop and do any kind of load your going to go up in weight and have to re lose the weight you will put on from eating badly. Thats just me though. Good Luck with whatever you decide!
  2. Laitkens's Avatar
    Thank you for the advice! The week of 15/6 was a tough one for me. My husband was in and out of the hospital 4 times that week and had two different surgeries. So....I didnt eat exactly on Protocol. I at Grilled chicken salad with no cheese or dressings from the hospital cafeteria. I knew that after the first week the weight loss would slow....But I didnt realize it would be this SLOW. Its hard for me to stay focused when I am not seeing the numbers or the inches coming off!
  3. taylorfam55's Avatar
    But they are coming off! You have lost 13 pounds already!
    Seriously though I know what you mean. But you have to stick with it and get through it, every ounce coming off is an ounce of you that you dont want to see again
    Even though HCG is advertised as "lose a pound per day" that is not true of people who have less to lose. On average most people lose .5 lb per day or less! I actually went 9 days without changing weight during my first round!!! As for the inches, you could be retaining water, it will work its way out soon. Trust is the system! It WORKS But you have to stay with it. I ll bet the grilled chicken salad didnt add the weight, as many of us have eaten out and had that exact same thing with no problems. Ill bet it was stress. High amounts of stress make people gain weight, sometimes no matter what they do. Sorry about your hubby hope all is well My advice is stick with it. Another week and youll be 148 I bet and then youll start noticing your clothes fitting different and your inches will drop.
  4. taylorfam55's Avatar
    oh one more thing, nobody noticed I lost weight until i was in my lower 140's, its also where I noticed my face getting skinnier and my clothes getting baggier. So 2 weeks youlls be in the lower 40s and feel much better.
  5. Laitkens's Avatar
    Thank you so much! I feel much better now! I am going to stick with it. I am here for the long haul! I have to wear a bathing suit in less than a month.....Im praying I start seeing noticeable results soon!