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Getting Stable, Help Please!

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Hi All,

I would appreciate if someone could give advice on how to maintain my weight. My weight a beginning including my Load days was 183lbs. My last LIW on Fri, November 18 was 158.5lbs. So a 24.5 loss in total!!

However , i did the 3 days w/0 drops, and my weight went from Fri. 158.5lbs to Sun. 157lbs, to Mon.155lbs.

On my first P3 day Tues, my beginning weight was 156.5lbs, and P3 day 2, Im at 157.5 today!

Im am confused at what weight I should base my 2lb overage on. Is it my last LIW weight on Friday of 158.5 lbs.

What should i please. If you can follow all the up and down.

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  1. foxylove2's Avatar
    Did you stay on the 500 calories for 3 days?
  2. latoya0327's Avatar

    The only thing I did different was my last meal (which was dinner) on day 3 of the vlcd w/o drops. I eat salmon and mixed brocolli and cauliflower.
  3. foxylove2's Avatar
    Stay on the 500 without the drops for 3 days. On the 4th day start by incorporating breakfast and additional foods into your diet that do not contain sugar or starches. You can also add healthy fats in moderation, into your diet (nuts, seeds, coconut oil, avocados and salmon). With phase two you can start with the VLCD and the LCD recipes in the back of the manual. To start off with, begin increasing your caloric count 100-200 calories per day until you reach 1300-1500. Continue to weigh daily during this phase, you should not gain more than two pounds on any given day. If you gain more than two pounds, have a steak day. Eat only a large lean steak for dinner with either a tomato or small apple. This is a 21 day phase that is very important to help your body become comfortable at its new lower weight. You do not take the drops at any point during this portion of the program. Begin introducing moderate exercise into your daily lifestyle.
  4. latoya0327's Avatar
    Thanks for the tips foxylove2. If I go over what my weight is today. (2lbs) I will do a steak day, and then watch what I am eating.

    Thanks again.
  5. foxylove2's Avatar
    Your welcome.
  6. Perseverance's Avatar
    I would use the 158.5 weight so you are still in range. No worries.