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I need help from the experts please!

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I've done this protocol 3 times, first in 2011 and it went really well end up getting pregnant after trying for a few months.

I did it again in Feb 2013, all went went well until my 11th day, I had to be rushed to the ER for what I thought was bowel pain and end up being a ruptured ovarian cyst (I had been hemorrhaging for days internally) and had to have surgery, I told my OBYGYN about the diet and if it could have caused it, she said no.

Sep 2013 I am on day 13 and started to have ovarian pain very similar to what I experienced back in Feb, I did not give myself a shot today but I really wanted to go go longer than 13 days.

surfing the site last night I read of other woman having similar ovarian issues, my girl friend has unexplained bleeding for weeks after she did a 6 week round (dr supervised)

I can't imagine this being a coincidence but I would love to hear your opinion, I was thinking of:
-going to my dr to get an ultrasound and make sure there are no cyst,
-discontinue the diet
-maybe do one shot every three days
-start with phase 3 and workout

I still have at least 13 more lbs to lose :-(

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  1. AbsAgain's Avatar
    That's weird. I successfully made it through 48 days without any unusual stuff happening. Maybe you're just sensitive. Do you have a doctor you're working with? I can't imagine doing this diet without my MD. He was wonderful for my 48 days--I sent him my weight daily and asked for his advice whenever necessary.

    With your history, you should be under a doctor's care.
  2. redsun's Avatar
    Where did you purchase your batch of HCG from Laural? And which brand? Could it be that you got a defective or worse dangerous batch?