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Nursing only once a day

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I'm wondering if you think it's safe to nurse my baby I don't produce enough milk so she only nurses once a day more for soothing then quantity of milk, I was depressed I didn't have enough milk which made the weight gain worse and now I'm depressed I can't nurse at all :-( my baby is 4 months btw

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  1. HealthierMel's Avatar
    Hi Laural

    Congratulations on your new baby. Boy or girl?

    I do not think it is a good idea to nurse your baby while you are taking hcg . . . some of the hcg passes through the milk to your baby. You also need more than the 500 calories in order to produce good quality milk or any milk at all. Breastfeeding is good for both you and your baby so enjoy what you can from it as much as you can while it lasts. Breastfeeding also causes the abdominal muscles to contract and can help you to get flatter then after you have weaned baby then you can go full out with hcg. But for now, relax, enjoy your baby and the breastfeeding experience.

    Good luck to you.
  2. pookster's Avatar
    HealthierMel is correct in saying that you need more then 500 calories to nurse your baby..infact some people say you burn 500 calories just lactating alone...and with the HCG passing through the milk, I definately would not nurse.

    My daughter stopped nursing at 4mnths if yours is doing it just for comfort then your on your way to weaning already. I would wait til your done completely before using HCG. Please don't rush it though, It's such a special time for you and baby, enjoy it while you can.