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I have a question VLCD 6 (repost)

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ok so I am super motivated to and hoping I can finish this, as the rest reading your entries helps me stay on track.

I have a few questions and a little bit of a vent, hope someone can help.

I decided to start VLCD last week because I had an aha moment a few weeks ago, and realized I am a complete emotional eater, I feel if I don't eat what I want (which is never super healthy) I wont have fun! Everything I do or plan is around food, so know i had a few events I started the HCG, I am hosting bunco tomorrow at my house, then sunday I am for a 3 day camping trip with the family.

My questions are the following:
1) IF I know I might eat a little bit more of P2 food, if I plan a workout will that net the calories and still see a result?

2) How do you control temptation, I didn't have great losses yesterday or today because I know i've had some cheating (bites of my kids food) but I am around food ALL day.. 3 kids and a husband who is gone all day.

Thanks folks!!

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  1. bebifal's Avatar
    I eat back my workout calories to make sure I'm netting 500 calories and my losses have been good -- 13.2lbs in 13days.

    Temptation wise, luckily I now live alone some I'm not tempted. The only advice I can say is when you want to cheat, ask yourself if its really worth it. Because for most people a cheat sets them back days. Soooo not worth it. Also check out the forum on cheating -- there's one called advice for potential cheats. Another thing you can do if you use myfitnesspal go onto the community page and read through the success stories. I know seeing the amazing transformations stop me from cheating.
  2. easyHCGvictory60's Avatar
    I havent cheated. My friend had two small cookies and lost nothing. Had an 'apple day' to get back on track. Apple day is something I fear! Lol she lost 5 lbs next day, but she was starving that whole day. What I do is take my weight and put my mini goal weight on my hang for a reminder. So I weigh about 245 now, so ill write 239 on my hand to help motivate me for the upcoming week.
  3. bebifal's Avatar
    lol I do the same thing too -- I write my goal of 174 on the inside of both my palms whenever the urge to cheat strikes. Very effective
  4. Laural's Avatar
    I love that idea!! Thanks for the encouragement we are back from our camping trip and I did not cheat once!! I believe I am having a breakthrough, and realized I can still have fun without indulging in crazy amounts of food.
    I am not going to lie, I feel like I am done with this diet it's only been 10 days... and some of my clothes still don't fit, I want a drastic or major weight loss and I think I can go even longer than I was planning on! we shall see!
    thanks again, will write 145 in my palms !