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Laura's Getting Her Old Bod Back

Done with P2

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Hair loss and fainting. I had both this past week and cut P2 short. I knew I wasn't feeling right this time around. However, I am still sticking around and will be working on further weightloss. For the next few days my goal is to increase my fruits and veggies. I need to really add as many as I can. I will also do my protein drink in am. Beyond that I am using fitday to track my cals. Once I am feeling healthy again I may try a Leptin reset. I like the idea of a good large breakfast and no food after dinner and no snacks. I'll read more into it this week. I did get down to 150.4 as of this am and thats not bad. All total I started hcg at 169 (preload) and ended at 150 so 19 pounds. I was at 152.6 at end of round one and maintained for 5 weeks so that was good for me. I needed the jump start.

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  1. Espressowhip's Avatar
    Glad you are okay!

    YAY for jump starts!

    Happy losses!