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Laura's Getting Her Old Bod Back

P2 Would Be Easier if I Was Hypnotized

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I'm only on VLCD2 so this shouldn't be such a mind game already should it? I'm down to 152. Released 2.6 yesterday. LDW was 152.6 and post load was 154.6 so I'm happy with that. However, it looks like the protein drink will be a mainstay for this round. I'm already having a problem eating the meat again and its only the 2nd day.

I made toasted cheese on whole wheat with carrot slices and apple slices for my little one for dinner. I had chicken breast and romaine lettuce with my Vermont balsamic dressing. Mine smelled better cooking but I can guarantee that hers tasted better. I even used one of my many Mrs Dash spices. The tomato, basil, garlic tonight. Didn't make a difference. It was still a dry piece of chicken breast.

I wonder if getting hypnotized to only desire P2 foods in P2 amounts would help?

Todays menu:
Breakfast: Hard boiled egg, orange spice tea
Snack: 7 medium size strawberries
Lunch: EAS carb friendly rich dark chocolate protein drink, 1 medium sized cucumber
Snack: medium apple
Dinner: Boneless breast of chicken (3oz) and romaine lettuce with Vermonts balsamic fat free dressing (15 cals for 2 tablespoons) and a slice of boiled ham

And lots of tea and water

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  1. Espressowhip's Avatar
    Nice release!!

    I'm sorry your food isn't making you happy. Don't knock hypnotism! I did these self-hypnosis audio programs to be satisfied with eating less and not be so food-focused at parties, and it helped. It took a while, and it's mainly talking yourself into a new habit/idea which I like to call self-brain-washing, but hey, I figure if I can get into the idea that pizza and ice cream is a good choice for dinner, then I can get into the idea that it isn't, as well. :-)

    Keep it up egg lady!