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Laura's Getting Her Old Bod Back

R2P2 VLCD 1 Not Bad

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I was hungry when I woke up cause I've been eating pretty good in the morning. Had a carb control Protein drink (110 cals) at 9:00am, 3 hours after I woke up, b/c I planned to be a bit high in protein the first couple days. Had a late lunch of lettuce, grilled chicken breast (4 oz) and balsamic vinegar. Had an apple for snack and grassfed sirloin steak (3oz) with a bowl of spinach with balsamic vinegar for dinner. Not bad for a first day. Logged in at 597 cals on fitday. Skipped the second fruit cause of the few carbs in the protein am drink. If it agrees with me I'll continue the drink in the am. If not, I'll drop it after a few days.

Did not feel good this morning after 2 days of loading. Probably didn't need to end last night with a bowl of "death by chocolate" ice cream.

My LDW was 152.2 and for R2P2:
152.8 (preload)
154.6 (post load)

Hopefully tomorrow brings a loss and not a higher weight from last nights death by chocolate.

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  1. Espressowhip's Avatar
    Ice cream was the only thing I didn't mind eating for my load!

    I'm glad your day was uneventful and smooth! You'll feel better tomorrow!

    Good news - we have EAS brand here in Germany, pre-bad-news, I can't find the carb-crontrol variety (only "diet" and "deluxe") But I'll keep looking. Can you comment on the flavors? Strawberry and vanilla is all I've found here so far.

    You seem to eat so much better than I do, but then I'm working with way fewer calories. My protein drink is 257 calories - so you can see why I'm interested in yours! Spinach is on my shopping list!
  2. Laurarosee's Avatar
    The flavor I get is Rich darh chocolate. They also have another chocolate one and I've seen vanilla. I only like the rich dark chocolate over ice so thats the only one I get. I'm sure I hard a hard time the first week last time too but for some reason I thought it would be easier this time. Not.