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And another one bites the dust...

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A pound that is ;-) I'm down 1.0 and weigh 145.2. From what I ate yesterday, I shouldn't have lost that much (some cheese and salsa nachos, cedar plank salmon with hoisin and a zinfandel spritzer), but again it just goes to show you that this diet is different for everyone and how differently we each process all types of food. I thought for sure it would be Saturday before I saw 145, but here it is. It's good though cause Saturday is another planned cheat day for me (since I can't do a planned interruption) and getting to 145 now gives me a buffer for correction. Had a good time with my dad and step-mom yesterday. They got to the house mid-afternoon. We hung out and talked waiting for my sister and my nephew to get here. Then we all went to dinner at the restaurant my husband works at. It's called Duke's Bar and Grill in Wormleysburg, PA. It has the largest deck in the area and it's right on the Susquehanna River. It was so nice and warm out, we had a wonderfully relaxing time. My husband even got done with work early and was able to join us. It's been a great week and I'm even more excited for Saturday. I'm one of those people who actually loves their birthday time of year and I'm looking forward to going out on Saturday (my birthday is actually the 8th though). I hope everyone else is doing good.

Yesterday's eats:
B- coffee with 1/4c CM and a spoon of Starbucks sugar free caramel flavoring
L- JRWhey choc with 4oz Lifeway raspberry kefir and 4oz water over ice
S- 3 strawberries; iced coffee with 4oz CM, 1tbsp Starbucks sf caramel flavoring and 1tbsp Starbucks vanilla flavoring
D- a few bites of salsa and cheese nachos, dinner salad, cedar plank salmon with hoisin and a zinfandel spritzer with club soda.
Water- 100oz

************************************************** *****************************
L1-153, L2-156.6
VLCD 1 - 156.4; VLCD2-8>-2.6,-1.2,-.4,-1.0,-1.0,-.6,0=6.8lbs
VLCD 9-15>-.4,-.8,-.4,-1,0,-.6,+1.4=1.8lbs
VLCD16 - 147, -.8
VLCD17 - 146.2, -.8
VLCD18 - 145.2, -1.0

ROUND ONE STATS (Celeste's drops):
WEEK 1 (VLCD 1-8), -9, 179LBS..........WEEK 2 (VLCD 9-15), -4, 175
WEEK 3 (VLCD 16-22), -3.4, 171.6.......WEEK 4 (VLCD 23-29), -1.6, 170
WEEK 5 (VLCD 30-36), -5.6, 164.4........WEEK 6 (VLCD 37-43), -3.0, 161.4
WEEK 7 (VLCD 44-50), -2.8, 158.6......WEEK 8 (VLCD 51-57), -4.4, 154.2
VLCD 58-P3D1> -1.4, 152.8
LDW 153.4
P3D1 (a.m.) > 152.8; P3D2>153; P3D3>153.4; P3D4>153.4; P3D5>154.4; P3D6>153.8; P3D7>154.2;
P3D8>155;P3D9>155.8;P3D10>153.8;P3D11>154.4;P3D12> 154.4;P3D13>153.8;P3D14>154.2;P3D15>154.6;
P3D16>153.8; P3D17>154.2; P3D18>155.4; P3D19>154.2; P3D20>153.8; P3D21>154.4

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  1. Tate's Avatar
    Wow, I can't believe what you can eat and still lose! That's great. It makes me want to branch out in my menu a bit and see what happens.
  2. lawgal's Avatar
    I'm quite surprised myself, as it wasn't intentional experimenting (well, the wine spritzers are).