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ROUND TWO P2: hcg pellets
L1 - 153lbs

Starting round two today. I'm using the pellets from meridianhealthlabs.com. I'm a little leary because I used the Celeste drops the first time and they worked very well... too well some days. But, atleast I know that if I have any issues with these pellets that Celeste's drops are delivered within like 3 days. I can even pay extra for faster delivery if I am desperate enough. Funny thing is, I'm supposed to be loading today and I'm still in P3/P4 mindset, forgetting that I should be eating as much healthy fats as possible, but I'll get it in.

I stupidly watched this video that my cousin posted on Facebook about how animals are treated and how we get our food from pigs, chickens, cattle and fish. It was absolutely, horribly disgusting and at the very least I am thankful that I am mostly an organic eater. 100% at home, but not so much when I go out to eat. I wish there were more organic food restaurants. I now see it's worth the price to pay because the conditions those animals were in makes me wonder how the entire United States is not bed-ridden with some sort of disease. If you want to see it, it's at meatvideo.com. It is very graphic, contains the utmost cruelty to animals, and will possibly make you sick. Just forewarning you. The first time I tried to watch it, I turned it off after one minute (it's 11mins). There are parts I had to turn my head away from. I'm not saying this to turn people vegetarian/vegan. But mostly because why does there need to be such cruelty to animals in this process? And why such unsanitary conditions? I can't believe our government allows this.

So, now I'm trying to figure out ways to start being vegan. It's not an overnight transformation and it will be very hard for me for things like chicken, eggs and dairy (mostly cheese). From this point on, I will not eat any meat/poultry/pork that is not organic. If I go out to eat with friends, I will just have to stick with things like salads loaded with veggies, pasta (I'll make up for it the next day if I gain weight, but I'd rather gain a pound or two than eat non-organic "meat"), etc. I even ordered the book The Kind Diet by Alicia Silverstone. She used to be a meat and junkfood lover. She saw a video and decided if she wasn't willing to eat her dog than how can she be willing to eat another animal. So, she slowly went vegan and turned her favorite non-vegan foods into vegan recipes. I'm excited to get the cookbook and try them some of them out... well, once I'm off P2 that is.

I am going to try and be somewhat vegan on P2. I had some meat/protein aversions in round one, so maybe this is something I need to do... I'm just not quite sure how to do it.

************************************************** ***************************
ROUND ONE STATS (Celeste's drops):
WEEK 1 (VLCD 1-8), -9, 179LBS..........WEEK 2 (VLCD 9-15), -4, 175
WEEK 3 (VLCD 16-22), -3.4, 171.6.......WEEK 4 (VLCD 23-29), -1.6, 170
WEEK 5 (VLCD 30-36), -5.6, 164.4........WEEK 6 (VLCD 37-43), -3.0, 161.4
WEEK 7 (VLCD 44-50), -2.8, 158.6......WEEK 8 (VLCD 51-57), -4.4, 154.2
VLCD 58-P3D1> -1.4, 152.8
LDW 153.4
P3D1 (a.m.) > 152.8; P3D2>153; P3D3>153.4; P3D4>153.4; P3D5>154.4; P3D6>153.8; P3D7>154.2;
P3D8>155;P3D9>155.8;P3D10>153.8;P3D11>154.4;P3D12> 154.4;P3D13>153.8;P3D14>154.2;P3D15>154.6;
P3D16>153.8; P3D17>154.2; P3D18>155.4; P3D19>154.2; P3D20>153.8; P3D21>154.4

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