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Slowing begins but still good...

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I told myself that I was going to do strict protocol this round so that I could get good results, but it seems I'm not really following protocol... maybe 75% protocol, 25% other. I stick to the 500 calories and watch my fat and carb numbers, and it's still working. I was down 1.2 this morning and 1.8lbs from my LDW of 126.6lbs. I have just over 10lbs left to lose till I hit the goal I set, but with the surgery next week I will gain lots of water weight and inflammation. In fact, I won't even bother weighing myself for atleast 3 or 4 days.

Here's what I had yesterday:
B - 2T coconut milk creamer with coffee
L - the rest of my crockpot chicken soup with the angel hair miracle noodles (yum), Dole American salad mixed with 1c of spinach, rwv, acv, 1/2c cauliflower and 1/2c broccoli
S - organic jobagold apple
D - 7oz of nonfat Fage w/ 4oz of 2% Fage
Water - 80oz

VLCD2> 133.4, -2.4lbs
VLCD3> 131.4, -2
VLCD4> 129.6, -1.8
VLCD5> 128.4, -1.2

ROUND TWO STATS: L1-153, L2-156.6 VLCD1 - 156.4 VLCD2-8>-2.6,-1.2,-.4,-1.0,-1.0,-.6,0=6.8lbs VLCD 9-15>-.4,-.8,-.4,-1,0,-.6,+1.4=1.8lbs (147.8) VLCD16-22>-.8,-.8,-1,-.6,0,?,+2=1.2 (146.6) VLCD23-29>-1.6,-.8,-.6,-.4,-.8,+.4,-1=4.8lbs (141.8) VLCD30-36>0,-.8,-1,-.6,-.2,+1.4,-1.2=2.4lbs (139.4) VLCD37-43>0,-.6,-.6,-.6,-.4,+.6,-1=2.6lbs (136.8) VLCD44-50 -.2,-.6,-.8,+.2,-.4,+2.2,-.6=.2lbs (136.6) VLCD51-57>-1.4,-.8,-1,-1,-.6,0,-.8= 5.6lbs (131) VLCD58-64>0,1.2,.2,0,+1.8,1.6,+.2= 1.0lbs (130) VLCD65-71>-.8,-.4,-.8,-1.2,+.2,+1.4,0= 1.6lbs (128.4) VLCD72-74>-1.2,-.4,-.2= 126.6 ldw VLCD75> -.8, 125.8 VLCD76/P3D1> -.2, 125.6; currently between 128-130ish
ROUND ONE STATS (Celeste's drops): VLCD1 - WEIGHT 188 (POST LOAD) WEEK 1 (VLCD 1-8), -9, 179LBS..........WEEK 2 (VLCD 9-15), -4, 175 WEEK 3 (VLCD 16-22), -3.4, 171.6.......WEEK 4 (VLCD 23-29), -1.6, 170 WEEK 5 (VLCD 30-36), -5.6, 164.4........WEEK 6 (VLCD 37-43), -3.0, 161.4 WEEK 7 (VLCD 44-50), -2.8, 158.6......WEEK 8 (VLCD 51-57), -4.4, 154.2 VLCD 58-P3D1> -1.4, 152.8 LDW 153.4 P3D1 (a.m.) > 152.8; P3D2>153; P3D3>153.4; P3D4>153.4; P3D5>154.4; P3D6>153.8; P3D7>154.2; P3D8>155;P3D9>155.8;P3D10>153.8;P3D11>154.4;P3D12> 154.4;P3D13>153.8;P3D14>154.2;P3D15>154.6; P3D16>153.8; P3D17>154.2; P3D18>155.4; P3D19>154.2; P3D20>153.8; P3D21>154.4

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