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Winter 2013/14 R2P2VLCD10

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SW: 274.4
CW: 267.4
GW: 244.4
Down 7 pounds

Yesterday was our first skip day, and after consulting with Grammy, our dose is too high. So tomorrow we are backing down our dose a bit. Hunger yesterday was miserable. I obsessessed about food all damn day. All day.

And I made myself some soup and spilled it down my shirt, where it pooled in my sports bra and burned me between the tatas. Yeah, blisters in my cleaveage made me forget about food for a bit. Down 7 pounds in 10 days tho, that's doable for me. Had a hard time staying on track this wekeend, though, not gonna lie. Yesterday if there had been donuts on the counter, I'd have eaten a whole box in a heartbeat. Thank goodness all the bad stuff was gone or hidden.

Lost a bit on Saturday morning, put a bit back on, ate all on-plan stuff on Sunday but too much of it, apparently. Just was hungry all damn day, wanted to eat everything in sight. Now I know it was the HCG dose being too high. So back down tomorrow, hopefully this week will be better.

Already getting tired of chicken, though. Need to pick up something else to make for dinner tonight, haven't decided what yet.

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