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Winter 2013/14 R2P2VLCD11

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SW: 274.4
CW: 266.2
GW: 244.4
Down 8.2 pounds

I am starting to believe that 266 is a set point for me. I've been hovering around this number for a week now. But it's only week 2 of this round, and I often stall weeks 2-3, so I'm just gonna stick it out and see where it takes me.

Hubby has the cold from hell. And I just realized that he got his own cough drops, and probably didn't even think to get sugar free ones. Hey stayed home from work today, so I just texted him to go get some SF ones. Bet he won't though, he'll probably doze in front of the TV all day.

I'll just keep on keepin on....

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