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Winter 2013/14 R2P2VLCD2

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Ok, today is day 2 of my 2nd round this year. The last one was a bust, mostly because I totally tanked my P3. And that's ok. I'm not going to castigate myself over it. Onwards and downwards.

SW: 274.4
CW: 270.0
GW: 244.4
Down 4.4 pounds

Hubby is doing this with me this time, which is awesome. He's even doing injections! Today is VLCD 2, had a great loss this morning. We both had a bit of hunger mid-evening last night. We are monitoring and may have to up our dose just a bit. We will see how we do this evening.

I also joined the YMCA, so planning on doing some walking on the treadmill there, maybe some lifting again, we will see. I know we're not supposed to do any major strength training during P2, so I will take it easy for sure....

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