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Dosing and Mixing Calculations

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For the clearest explanation of the whole protocol including buying, mixing and dosing: http://colleencoble.com/2014/colleen.../hcg-protocol/

To calculate your dose no matter how you mix the HCG, use this formula:

From a post by Tracy here: .5 Cc in a 3ml Syringe ???

I'm going to post Scott's sister's mixing instructions- I find them to be the least confusing to me anyway-
Here ya go....copied the post for you,

You've got a vial with some amount of hcg in it. Say 5,000 IUs. Make the diluting easy, and mix it with 10 ml of bac water. Or 20. Or 5. Just some rational number. Then you divide the IUs in the vial by the ml of bac water you used.

5,000 divided by 10 = 500 IUs per ml

What dose do you want to take? 175? 150? 200? 125? That's easy, just divide the dose you want by the strength you just got.

175 divided by 500 = .35 - this is the size of your dose, .35 ml. Or, if you're using the insulin needles, 35
150 divided by 500 = .3 or 30
200 divided by 500 = .4 or 40
125 divided by 500 = .25 or 25

You can do it in Excel, or on a calculator, or even in your head, if you're a math whiz and can divide numbers like that in your head.

Say you want to use a different ratio, something like:
2,000 divided by 5 = 400iu
would give you
150iu dose divided by 400 = .375

10,000 divided by 10 = 1,000
150iu divided by 1000 = .2

This works no matter what vial you have - 2,000 or 5,000 or 10,000, and it works no matter how much or how little bac water you use to mix it. Deciding first that you want to have a dose of exactly .5, or .6, and trying to juggle the math backwards to get there is just confusing.

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  1. Kstbts's Avatar
    Awesome! Thanks.
  2. Angelk9's Avatar
    From the other post. I did use

    For some reason it did not post what wrote . I'm using a 2000 iu bottle . Has 1 ml liquid in it already . The mixture is 2/1 So I added 3 ml bac. To the already 1 ml. The forum post anove said to use .30cc = 150iu . But that's to much ???
  3. Leez's Avatar
    If you mixed 4ml water total with the 2000iu HCG, you are still getting 500iu per ml water. So the dosing is the same as if you mixed 5000iu with 10ml water.