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Guidelines for a successful P3

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Clinics and diet centers often mislead people about how to stabilize in P3. If you are using a clinic that tells you to just increase portions of P2 foods, or to ramp up calories slowly over the 3 weeks, they are giving you very bad advice. More people have problems in P3 by eating too little than eating too much.

P3 is not ever about low fat or counting calories. It is about lots of good healthy fats right away, and about throwing everything you "know" about calories out the window. Here's the thing--HCG has put your body in fat-burning mode. If you starve it in P3, you will drastically slow the metabolic furnace that has been lit, and you will not get the lower set point you need to keep your losses. The fat is particularly important the first few days, because your capacity will be lower and fats will help get your calories up to normal levels quicker. Digestive enzymes are a good idea for the first few days of P3 as your body adjusts to the extra fat and volume.

Eat to satisfaction* (not fullness) from all kinds of meat, veggies, healthy fats** and some fruit (any fruit is fine in P3). Avoid starches and sugar. That is the essence of the P3. Eat just to your satisfaction level and eat again as soon as you are hungry. If you want to be cautious, introduce dairy, nuts and eggs 3 days apart from each other to see if they are problems for you. If you see big gains or have any kind of physical response like bloating, fatigue or bathroom problems, its likely that food is one to avoid going forward. Don't count calories except to see if you are eating enough. Restricting calories in P3 is the most common reason for gains and for failing to stabilize.

A prevalent thought is to do Atkins induction (or Keto) in P3. P3 is not Atkins, because you are not limiting all carbs...you are limiting starch and sugar, and all fruits are allowed, as well as unlimited vegetables. Concentrate on whole foods, and try not to substitute processed or diet foods like bars and shakes for real food in P3. You'll be more satisfied, and are less likely to have reactions from additives. You can get in trouble if low-carb "treats" are replacing too many of your meals. P3 is a chance to relearn what a treat fresh fruit can be, and continue the enjoyment of it you had in P2. CocoCrack candy is an awesome P3 treat because coconut oil stokes your metabolism.

Weigh daily, but don't stress out over bumps up and down around your LIW. (LIW is your weight on the morning of the last injection, or your last dose day. Not the weight lost in the transition days.) No one stays rock solid on the same number every day. But do correct on the same day you go above your 2 pound window. The first week can be very volatile on the scale, especially if you didn't have any long stalls during your round. What is happening is the combination of water store equalization and your body dealing with a bigger volume of food. That will all settle down by week 2.

Congrats on making it to P3! Have a great "first day of P3" breakfast. I like to have crispy bacon, sliced avocado and grape tomatoes (dressed with fresh basil, cracked pepper and olive oil) and a big cup of coffee with heavy cream to start off my P3's. In fact, I generally eat a whole avocado most P3 days. Don't be afraid of healthy fats. They are your best friend in P3. Include lots of green vegetables and some fruit. P3 is not about low-carb.

* If you are uncertain how to interpret your hunger signals, this blog post might be helpful: https://hcgdietinfo.com/hcgdietforum...nals-p3-21845/

** Heathy fats: Meats like chicken thighs, pork and beef roasts and steaks, salmon, eggs, avocados, butter & ghee, olive oil, coconut oil, avocado oil, nuts & nut butters. ( Keep vegetable oils to a minimum.)

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  1. Maria146's Avatar
    I´m so nervous about phase 3... don't want to mess up the good work I did so far.
  2. jeepcurlygurl's Avatar
    I'm heading into P3 in about a week. Thanks for this blog topic. A very important and informative reminder about what to eat in P3. I'll probably read it a few more times. : )
  3. Shannon Long's Avatar
    I would suggest taking some more time to add in those foods in P3 (especially if you've had trouble in the past maintaining that weight during and after P3). For example, spend the first two (or more) days slowly adding in more of the approved vegetables and meats. Then maybe add eggs and cooking spray (olive, avocado, coconut oil sprays). Save nuts and dairy for the second week (I waited until the third week). I didn't even have fruits during my whole HCG process and I felt great.
    Remember, every person is different; however, I found that this method worked SO well for me. It made it much easier to maintain--I even continued losing! Hope this helps.
  4. Betterdays's Avatar
    Thank you for all your advice! The place I got my HCG njections from gave me a diet plan much like you described and it made me nervous. I didn’t remember doing phase 3 like that the first time, but honestly I didn’t remember much. They also had a lot more veggies and fruits on phase 2 which I’m not allowing and they suggested more calories/day than the 500. I told them I’d probably be sticking closer to original protocol and I have. I’m going to be pouring over your posts. You really know what you’re talking about! Thank you for all your info!
  5. TWise's Avatar

    Thank you for providing this information. I appreciate you so much. You have been a wealth of information.