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Insomnia remedies for P2

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It's very common to encounter sleep issues or insomnia during P2 because of the very low calorie diet.

There are a some things you can try to mitigate the insomnia. You may find one or a combo works for you. It's important to address, as sleep quality affects weight loss. I've dealt with disturbed sleep for years, so I've done a lot of hunting for ways to make it better.
  1. Cup of hot broth before bedtime. Try having it with one of your fruits. That feeds the adrenals and lessens that 3am adrenal rush wake up. Also gives your liver a bit of glycogen so it doesn't run out in the middle of the night and wake you up.
  2. SleepyTime tea before bed, or other herbal remedies like valerian
  3. Hot bath with epsom salts (the magnesium can help relax you for sleeping)
  4. Theanine, 200 mg. an hour or so before you want to be asleep. It can produce a calming effect.
  5. Niacin (B1) --not niacinamide form-- can make you sleepy. Try 100mg up to 500mg along with an additional B complex. Most people don't get the niacin flush until over 1000mg, but if you do, you may sleep through it anyway.
  6. Less melatonin, try a .5 mg dose or even less
  7. GABA, 250-500mg right before bed. Calms anxious feelings (often caused by dread of insomnia )
  8. Tryptophan 1000mg before bed can help you stay asleep
  9. Measured breathing. Inhale to a slow 4 count, exhale to a slow 8 count
  10. Extra progesterone cream. If you are taking 20mg, try 40mg.
  11. Lavender essential oil near your pillow. Diffuse or put a couple drops on your pillow tag
  12. Reading in bed for a half hour.
  13. Good sleep hygiene (darkened room, turn off any electronics lights, run a small fan for ambient background noise)
  14. Try inclined bed therapy. It has been shown to help all kinds of sleep issues, and even cut down on nighttime bathroom trips. (This is not just raising the head of your bed--it involves putting the frame of the bed on a 5 degree slant.)

The HCG in my most recent round was compounded with theanine (Diet Doc hCG) I think that made a huge difference. I slept fairly normally for me the whole time. In fact, better than I sleep now.

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  1. Leez's Avatar
    Reposted from sticky topic: https://hcgdietinfo.com/hcgdietforum...-issues-71567/
    Quote Originally Posted by Natalie View Post
    Thanks for this, Leez! I would add for Insomnia that a heating pad on the neck/back/shoulders feels wonderful while lying in bed getting sleepy. Especially with that cold feeling hcg can produce, this warms and calms me (and gets me sleepy). It's a good alternative for those that don't have a bathtub or don't want to take a bath. I also put on some "brown noise" at a reasonable level and sometimes put in ear plugs too (i know, weird) and this seems to help with sleep.

    Thanks again. This is such helpful information everyone should read.
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