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make your own Truvia

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This way you know whats in it!

1 C. erythritol
1 tsp. pure stevia extract (KAL or Trader Joes's seem to be the best)*
UPDATE: no longer recommending KAL. They've added malto-dextrin to it now.

Combine thoroughly.

Sweetness equivalency:
1 C. sugar = 1/3 C. blend

I try to buy the sweeteners already powdered, because they incorporate in recipes better as they don't have to melt. But if you can't get them prepowdered, you can always powder them yourself in a coffee grinder or spice blender.

I also make a blend with xylitol which eliminates both the cooling effect of the xylitol and any bitterness in the stevia:

1 C. birch xylitol
1/2 tsp. pure stevia extract

(Xylitol is sweeter than erythritol, so you need less of the stevia extract.)

*I've discovered a stevia extract powder that is really good. Its Yungas Green. You can get it from NaturAmericas.com They will send a sample for $5. They take PayPal.

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Updated May 9th, 2015 at 06:52 PM by Leez

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