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P2 dessert ideas

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My fave P2 treat: "sherbet" made from one of your fruits for the day (cut up and frozen), 1 T. whole milk, stevia, 4-5 drops of Vanilla Custard Capella drops. (you could also use Vanilla Creme stevia). If you make it with your orange, it tastes amazingly like an orange creamsickle. I whirr it up with an immersion blender and eat it with a long spoon right out of the straight-sided blender container. Easy!

If you consider cocoa powder to be a spice, you can also use it Mix 1 T. cocoa powder with your 1T of milk, some vanilla and stevia (I also add a little pink salt--it enhances the flavors) to make a dipping sauce for your strawberries. That gets me through any chocolate craving attacks that might hit during P2.

Simple but really good: sliced apple sprinkled with pink salt and Saigon cinnamon.

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Updated February 11th, 2016 at 10:12 AM by Leez

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