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P3 No carb thickener - Konjac

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Konjac powder (aka glucomannan) is a carb-free, calorie free thickener great for use in P3 or anytime. It is made from an oriental yam, and it is either all fiber or is resistant starch...but either way, you don't digest it so there is no calorie or carb load. You might have also come across this substance in the form of Miracle Noodles. Same ingredient.

It's flavorless and thickens rather like cornstarch in that it becomes clear and jelly-like.

Its a little tricky to work with as a tiny bit has a lot of thickening power, and it will thicken cold or hot. If you thicken something cold and then heat it, it will get thicker. However, its not instant, so you have to learn how much you can add for the final result that will happen a minute or two later.

I put mine in a fine shaker so I don't get any clumps, and just gradually add. You can also gel up some water in a squeeze bottle and keep it in the fridge. That gives you a bit more control, but of course you will diluting your recipe a bit with the extra water, which may or may not matter.

I use it for anything that requires thickening:
Thickening sauces and gravies
Making a quick fruit compote (defrost frozen berries and then thicken the resulting juice released)
dredging meat for frying (season a small amount like flour and then lightly coat your meats. Shaking it on works for me. Then when you deglaze your pan, you already have a thickened gravy)

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