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HCG from DietDoc. A short review and comparison.

My story:
In 2011-12 I lost almost to goal (over 70 pounds) with HCG pre-filled injections supplied by my functional medicine doctor. When I began, I was over 200 pounds, felt unwell and had a lot of joint pain from the extra weight I had been unable to lose for many years. I had no idea what dose I was taking. I followed a menu chart she provided, and avidly studied the original manuscript contained in a book she recommended, Linda Prinster's HCG Diet Cure Guide.

I was blissfully ignorant of a lot of the things I've learned since from joining these forums after my 4th round. Thankfully, to that point, the dose my doctor gave me worked fine for me. I sailed through my rounds with decent losses and no hunger issues. My P3's were also successful. It has taken me a while to figure out maintenance, so I had some do-over rounds at the end. But once I was closer to goal and began to visit these forums, I am so glad for the guidance here that helped me adjust my dose when needed. Posting here has kept me accountable and motivates me to keep working towards finding my maintenance formula.

HCG has been my miracle after decades of failing to get to and maintain a healthy weight. My doctor also helped me with thyroid and adrenal issues while I was losing and today I am at goal and feeling wonderful.

I have also self-ministered a round using HCG that I mail-ordered. I have 8 rounds worth of experience, so I think I can offer some comparison thoughts.

And now, the review:
Although I'm getting better at maintenance, in these last two years enough weight had creeped back on that I needed to face reality and do another round to get back to goal again. DietDoc hadn't yet become a recommended provider here, but I decided I would try them out being as they use US compounding pharmacies. I liked the idea I would be getting really fresh product, and was up for a new experience. I also decided to try lipotropics this time.

I was very impressed with their setup and the personal attention of nutritionist and the doctor that are assigned to you. After being used to doing this on my own for so long, it was almost a little too much attention for me! I think they would be great for someone hesitant to try HCG, because they really make themselves available and do frequent check backs with you during the process. And you can call them anytime during the year following your purchase. How cool is that to have your own personal nutritionist for a year! The shipping was super fast, and I had my products within 2 days of my doctor consult.

The upshot of it was that I had a really comfortable round. No hunger, good sleep, no bathroom issues. Probably the easiest of all the 8 I've done. The couple small issues I had were dealt with immediately, and they even customized my prescriptions to accommodate my allergies. They also did not pressure me to use their program over the original protocol. Their program seems similar to the HCG 2.0 that some follow. However, I did take the nutritionist's suggestion to add a little more protein because of my for my age and starting weight. I agreed to add some bone broth protein, but stayed near the 500 calorie limit.

I believe the theanine that DietDoc compounds with the HCG is what helped me sleep so much better this time. I ended up losing over 3 pounds more during my 30 day round than I did in a similar round with my doctor. So something was better. Maybe it was the 100%+ potency of their HCG, or the addition of the liptropics. Its hard to say, but I did lose more, and I stabilized well.

I was very pleased with both the product they provided and they way they worked with me to customize my experience to my situation and challenges. I would be happy to use them again.

I wrote a more extensive review which I will link here when it becomes available on the HDI website.

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