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Peanuts and Sprouted Grains in P3

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It is often posted that peanuts are not permitted in P3 because they are a legume and assumed to be starchy.

Before I started reading the information on this site, I went by the food charts in Linda Prinsters "HCG Weight Loss Cure Guide". The charts list foods with Yes or No designations that show which of the phases of the HCG diet they are suitable and not suitable for. Some foods are listed as "caution" foods, to be tested to see if you can tolerate them in that phase or not. Peanuts and sprouted grains are both listed in this guide as caution foods for Phase 3. The reasoning for this follows:

If you look at the macronutrient makeup of peanuts, it has a protein/fat makeup comparable to other nuts like almonds, pecans, walnuts, etc.

The macronutrient makeup up of legumes is a protein/starch. Since peanuts do not fit this profile but rather fit the profile for nuts, they can be a possibility for P3 (the 21 stabilization phase). There is a caveat with peanuts though...it is a known allergen for a lot of people. Also, peanuts, being a ground crop, are dirty and can carry molds. If you are going to try peanuts, it is a good idea to choose organics.

Remember that Dr. Simeon said that in this phase you can eat anything you wish except starches and sugars. He does not mention legumes specifically as a class of something to be avoided.

Similarly, a case can be made for sprouted grains. Flourless sprouted grain breads are metabolized similarly to vegetables, being made from the crushed sprouts of the grain, and I believe they can be used as a part of the P3 menus. Be sure to choose a variety that lists "flourless" on the wrapper. Ezekiel 4:9 breads & wraps, and Manna breads (more like moist muffins) are examples of sprouted grain breads you can try in P3.

ANECDOTAL: I've successfully used both peanuts and sprouted grains in Phase 3. However, I usually wait until at least week 2 so I can give it a fair test. My first week of P3 is usually pretty rocky with lots of unexplainable ups and downs.

NOTE: Both peanuts and sprouted grains should be considered caution foods in P3, and should be tested just as you would test almonds and other possible problem foods.

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Updated August 18th, 2015 at 11:50 AM by Leez

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