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a post everyone worried about P3 should read:

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I just wanted to document this excellent post by spedie, a fellow P3'er who had great success on Round 1, both in losses, and in a stabilizing afterward. This is her account of how she handles P3 eating. It should encourage you if you are afraid of eating in P3:

Quote Originally Posted by Spedie View Post
Leez: I think part of my success is literally turning the "Food Pyramid" upside down! I eat high fat, but good fat. Hardly a day goes by that I don't consume 90 grams of protein now that I am very far into P4. I stay away from pork - don't know if that is coincidental or not (I just don't have any appetite for pork and I try to listen to my body). I eat all the cheese (high quality hard cheese) and peanut butter (all natural) I want now that I am in P4 - to the point early in P4 that I ate so much peanut butter that I got a stomach ache.

I lost half a pound the next day and kept it off for a week. Yeah peanut butter!

I betcha I don't eat more than 100 grams (normally) of carbs per day. But, I am not "low carb", as I don't want to damage my thyroid even more than the poor thing has already been damaged. I just eat what I want, when I want, and stop when I've had enough.

My all time favorite foods, that I ate little of before HCG, I now eat in greater quantity: Avocado, nuts, especially Pine Nuts and Almonds, butter (real butter). I now consume vast quantities of spinach (always a favorite) and now that strawberries are in season, I eat them without worry. I now routinely eat bison and filet mignon.

I'll give 'ya a clue: Now that I spend so much on these types of expensive, high quality foods, nothing goes to waste in my house. Not one ounce. Ever. It simply costs too much to waste. Nothing goes "bad" and goes in the trash, ever.

I also started my own garden at the end of last winter. I now pick my organic spinach each day right out of my garden. And my green and yellow string beans are taking off, and so is my 3 different types of squash. I will do the "old fashioned canning" that my mom taught me for the extra that grows while in R2. I am convinced that a properly grown 16x4 organic garden will give me all the vege's I need for an entire year - without all the GMO and chemicals! And, virtually for free as seeds are cheap, even the heirloom ones that I use.

Yes, this diet is expensive compared to the processed food that Americans eat. But, how expensive is cancer, or something along those lines?

I can tell 'ya, without a doubt, that I so much ENJOY my food now. It is like I always wanted to eat this way, but couldn't afford it, and my health declined over time.

Interesting side note: After I had the Dominos pizza yesterday, I found out the hard way that my legs ached last night (haven't seen that since last March when I started R1P2) and I couldn't sleep. I got 3.5 hours of broken sleep last night. I can't help but wonder if this is no coincidence. Several days into R1P2 I stopped having insomnia and slept like a baby - until I ate the pizza last night.

And do you know what? The pizza was not as good tasting as I had remembered. I won't make that mistake again.

I am truly changing the way I eat, forever! And EVER!

Come on R2! I cannot wait to truly see the old "Spedie" from 30 years ago. The old "Spedie" is truly emerging, one HCG shot, one meal, at a time!

Whoo HOOOO!!

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Updated July 8th, 2014 at 03:21 PM by Leez