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Long rounds vs. short rounds

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Some that do HCG get to the 34 pound loss limit before the maximum injections have been reached. That's awesome and we'd all like to have that scenario, but the reality is that most of us will lose 20-25 pounds over the course of a long round. Those are the people that this little essay is written for.

It seems to me that the protocol wasn't really designed for us to have a choice on doing a short or long round. It appears that the long round the protocol way to do it UNTIL you get to the last part where you might only need a shorter round to finish.

Doing the long round gives your body time to heal, and your systems more time to rest, the hypothalamus specifically. And its the resting and resetting of the hypothalamus is what is purported to be responsible for the sustainable magic of HCG results. The long round gives the best stabilization afterwards as well. It also is extra time to break food cravings and sensitivities, because it is basically an elimination diet.

It doesn't really take that much more effort to do the long round than a shorter one. Especially if you are doing the minimum one of 30 days recommended by the experienced people here on this forum. I really think its worth the extra effort. You're already in the swing of things. To me, its much easier to just continue than it is to start over again. Because each time, you have to go through the P3 terrors and then spend time practicing maintenance anyway.

I struggled with the idea that since I lose the most in the first 26-30 days that maybe it would be better to just do short rounds. I did try it. Although I was able to keep from gaining by using some other methods, I never really stabilized afterward. And instead of losing the 15 net I was hoping for, I only lost 11 net because I had a big loading gain. In the end, I wish I had just gone for the long round. Not everyone has the same experience as me, I realize, so you can take it for what its worth.

So if you are vascillating about it, maybe something here will help make your decision.

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Updated October 29th, 2015 at 04:07 PM by Leez

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