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Starting Round 6 - short round

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Hi all,

I'm just starting a short round (23 injections) and am on VLCD 2.

I've just joined this forum, but have been reading the information here for the last two years while I've been going through my series of HCG rounds. Its been my go-to place when I had questions, or wanted to see how others were coping with some of the same problems I was having. I've been grateful for that, and offer my thanks to all those who unknowingly mentored me with their questions and testimonies.

I've completed 5 full rounds beginning in fall of 2011, and in total have lost 70 pounds, which put me very close to my goal weight. Over the past year, I've struggled with creeping gain and now have regained 15-20 pounds (depending on where I count from!). Although I stabilized each time in P3, after a couple months, I would start to slowly regain, but until now, the gain was always less than the last round's losses, so I was able to make progress. So here I am to try to undo the past 12 month's damage with short round 6. I'm hoping for a great one! For anyone wondering why I'm not doing the full round, this is the reason: I generally lose most of my total loss in the first half of the round. If this time runs true to that, I should be able to drop 10-15 pounds. That will put me in a much more comfortable place.

After I finish with all the HCG phases, I'm then considering joining the group trying the Fast Metabolism program to see if that might be the answer to my problems with long-term stabilization. Low carbing (even though doing it for several years now) has just never seemed right for me. I'd love to be able to have a bowl of oatmeal or a real sandwich at least once in awhile without gaining 5 pounds the next day.

I've posted all the stats for my rounds in this blog entry for anyone interested: http://hcgdietinfo.com/hcgdietforums...y-stats-20728/

July 5 Update: I lost 11 pounds after extending the round to 30 days. I'm now nearing the end of P3 and I'm staying under my 2 pound window, but not easily. I gained 2# after the first day of P3 without adding anything but oils. It was off to the races from there. I'm not having much success tracking food sensitivities so I'm not confident I've figured anything out this round.

UPDATE: Its spring 2015 and I've been successful at staying in my LIW window all year since the end of the short round. It wasn't easy and I spend over 4 months in FMD (Fast Metabolism Diet) eating to accomplish it. But I did and I learned a lot in the process. I'm currently doing my 7th (and hopefully last round) right now. I'm halfway through and just back to my lowest weight, so its looking good that I could make my goal this time. My hope was the FMD could get me down those last 10-15 pounds, but it was not to be. At least it kept me from gaining, so I'm thankful for that. It seems HCG is necessary for me to lose weight. I'll try to remember to post a new blog entry when I finish this round.

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Updated March 24th, 2015 at 11:39 AM by Leez

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  1. Leez's Avatar
    UPDATE: Just finished round 7 and am happy to report that I made it to goal! LIW is 133, right where I want to be. In addition, I've been successful at getting off beta blockers that I've taken for nearly a decade. That is huge for me. I finally both look and feel like myself again. The feeling of joy is indescribable.

    I wish the same to every hopeful HCG'er that is reading this blog post. Everyone has their own challenges to overcome. For me, finding FMD was a key. It taught me that maintenance is possible. It might take you a while, but you can have success.