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1 week in and hungry!

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Hi, I am new to this site and to the HCG process. I am 1 week in and the hunger is excruciating, I am hungry all the time and as such struggling to stay on task! I have not cheated but boy am I tempted! Not sure what I should do to try and manage this, also I don't drink tea or coffee so not having breakfast is also a challenge!

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  1. t1ghtwad's Avatar
    Leilap, I am not the best for giving advice, but as it's very quiet around the forum this weekend, I'll try to help. As for breakfast, I don't drink tea or coffee either, but I do live apple cider vinegar in water or lemon juice in water (either unsweetened, even when not "dieting"), so I have that in the a.m. to help keep things "moving". The original protocol says that you can have one of your two fruit servings, and even one of your breadsticks in the a.m. if needed. After the first few days, my hunger subsides, but until then, and anytime I'm really hungry in the morning, I eat my apple for breakfast, another fruit for lunch, and then just don't have a fruit the rest of the day.

    Many times when your hunger lasts as long as yours has, it is because your dose needs to be adjusted. I don't know what form of hcg you are using, and I have never had to adjust as I am on drops. There is very valuable information about figuring out whether to adjust up or down (usually down when hungry) on the forums. I think it is by Grammy. I would suggest reading there. I do know that you always do a skip day, and how you feel on that day determines which direction to adjust your dose.

    Hope that helps until someone more knowledgeable comes along. Hugs!
  2. Alexsmom2013's Avatar
    I ate a few dill pickles last night for to deflect my hunger and still lost. Might be my new friend.