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  1. 250 units a day says the compounding pharmacist? Your opinion?

    Two summers ago I tried the HCG injections from a compounding pharmacy. He told me 250 Units/day. I did what he said and I was hungry every day all day long and never lost one pound in the three weeks I stayed on the program. I finally just gave up. I went back to him 3 or 4 times to ask for help and he had no idea what the problem was.

    Now I want to begin again. I went to another compounding pharmacy and the pharmacist told me the same thing - 250 units/day. I am afraid to get on ...
  2. 125 IU or 150 IU daily?

    Which dose is best to begin with for a person who is 200 pounds? Which one will most likely allow more hunger? One pharmacy said they suggest 250 IU (or .25 cc) and another suggested 150 IU. I'm confused.
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  3. Will someone please speak to the question of taking HCG when one has had cancer?

    I have heard that it's okay to use HCG if one has had cancer, especially if it has been several years, but another company said simply "NO", we won't work with you.

    Any thoughts?

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