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Nervous..starting 21 program this week

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I am starting the program this week and so nervous that I won't be able to deal with only 500 calories per day...Did anyone find it hard to adjust? I heard the drops help suppress your appetite..fingers crossed.

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  1. Blak Porsche's Avatar
    You will be slightly hungry for the first couple of days, but if your dose is correct hunger should diminish. I was nervous when I first started but found it to the easiest diet I've ever done. All the best to you!! Read the forum and blogs it will keep you motivated.
  2. Lexilou's Avatar
    Thanks you - I'm am really excited and my doctor who has prescribed the amount of drops so I'm hoping its what it should be...how do you measure how much..do you know?
  3. AbsAgain's Avatar
    My doctor determines how much my nasal spray dosage of HCG is, and it's worked like a charm 3 times. Only toward the end of my third round was I feeling a little hungry and antsy and he suggested I double my dose because maybe my HCG was getting old. You'll get used to the reduced calorie consumption pretty quickly. Don't be shocked if your body needs to detox a little. That worried me in my first round, but by the end of the first week, I felt GREAT.

    You're going to succeed. Eating simply and skipping breakfast really gets you out of the eat-eat-eat mode.

    Correspond on the forums. Start your own thread if need be. I started one in Mid-June and found instant friends who were going through the same struggles I was. They were invaluable to me through those first weeks of the VLCD.

    HCG is the fastest and easiest way I've ever lost weight. It's a well thought-out protocol. Doctors (like mine, yours, and Dr. Oz) wouldn't be endorsing it if it wasn't legit and effective.