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Getting ready to start!!!

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The time is finally here for me! I'm really getting prepared mentally now.

I purchased all my hcg stuff about a month ago and was going to start then but then I wanted to do more research.

I'm going to see a new doctor on Thursday. He will become my primary (I HATE my current primary, oh the stories I could tell) and he also prescribes the Armor and natural thyroid stuff so I'm happy to be getting off Synthroid. I decided to wait for that reason also so the HCG wouldn't mess up any of my numbers (I want a real reading based upon what I'm eating now for salt and all and then get tested again down the road once my eating is "clean" from the hcg diet).

I am planning on going to eat Sushi on my loading days and a friend wants to hit a chinese buffet. I don't really eat that bad at the buffet since I don't like the heavy stuff, I usually fill up on the sushi they have but I'm really looking forward to the sushi "pig out" with my husband. MMMM! I know it sounds so silly but... I'm so excited about that!

I have some chicken in the freezer already too! I have my 100g all in individual packets. I never realized it before but I bought chicken breasts and tenderloins. A huge package of the breasts cost me $8.58 and gave me 8 days worth of chicken (if I use it for lunch and dinner). I forget how much the tenderlions cost (somewhere around $4.50) but they were like $2.99 lb and I got 3 days worth from it but so little waste where the breasts had so much fat to be removed. So for $4 more, I was able to get 5 more days! It was a good learning experience, just over $1 a day plus time for fat removal vs $1.50 for almost "wash and bag".

I'm going to try to blog often on the diet.. I was thinking about making a website but I'm totally cluesless about all of that.

Anyhow... here's to a few more days before I start becoming a LOSER!

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Updated November 8th, 2011 at 08:12 AM by Leyann