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Phase 2

  1. Week 3 Recap-HCG DIET

    4.1 pounds until I'm out of the 200s

    HCG DIET Week Three Update

    I know I'm back in classes and the posts have slowed down... but I will fill in as I go along. Well I know that I only lost 5.6 pounds in week 3 of my HCG Diet. I didn't take my measurements this week as well. But will week. I decided that I am not going to weigh for 2 weeks. I need to stay focus and on course. WEEK 4 begins and I am having 9/2 and part of 9/3 serve as fast day. I also ordered MIC If you ...
    Round 1 , Phase 2
  2. Week 2 Recap -HCG DIET

    Well I have lost a total of 8.1 pounds. Week 2 was a bit challenge because I haven't been weighing everyday. I had a few changes in inches places. I can't wait until my next weigh-in.

    This Week 3.6 lbs lost
    Total lost:8.1

    Measurement Differences:
    Neck: Starting:14.5" Current: 14" Difference: N/A
    Bicep: Starting L: 16" R: 15" Current: L: 15" R: 14" Difference: L: 1" inch R:N/A
    Wrist: Starting L:8" ...
    Round 1 , Phase 2
  3. Week 1 Recap -HCG DIET

    Week 1 Recap -HCG DIET
    Well hey guys, I lost 4 pounds in week 1 of phase 2. I am so pumped on this diet. I also happened to lose inches in places. The increase of my HCG from 125 to 150 units has helped me. I think I will keep at this dose for the moment. I am so proud of myself and next week should bring good result as well. I think that most challenging parts was not seeing as many drops in weight changes as I thought I would.

    This Week 4 lbs lost
    Measurement ...

    Updated August 16th, 2015 at 12:36 PM by Lila Hartage

    Round 1 , Phase 2
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  4. Phase 2 Day 1 CW: 218.0


    I just finished Phase 1 and today was my first day of Phase 2. This is my first time doing this diet and I am going to stick to the Original Protocol.

    One Loading Phase One I gained

    2.8 pounds. (I was 215.2)

    I step on the scale just as a weigh in and I'm current 218.0

    I am ready to begin shedding these pounds.

    Alright. I will continue to update.

    Phase 1: (Day 1 Loading)
    Round 1 , Phase 2