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  1. Round 4 under way

    Not really a big deal for me this round, I didn't really "load" like most people do I guess. We camped over the holiday weekend and I ate whatever I felt like eating, whenever. Chips, brats with the bun, pound cake, a bazillion of my yummy non fried poppers. I had sooo much to drink, I'm such a light weight now lol, I have no idea where my cutoff point is. Anyway, I lost 5 lbs over the weekend, not sure how that happened but yahoo!

    Because I didn't gain, I didn't have that ...
  2. Liar Liar pants on fire!

    So I'm not waiting 14 weeks. I'm ok with that lol.

    I'm starting my pellets on sunday for round 4. I've kicked my scale addiction and only plan on weighing once a week, I certainly don't want to get into that mode again. I've gained 5 lbs, vacation and my hubby home for a visit. I had actually gained 10 lbs but lost 5 with a steak day and the start of TOM. I've tried everything to get the last 5 off but it's not happening, and frankly I'm sick of worrying about it since I'm starting ...
  3. R3p3d13

    So...I am stabilizing 3 lbs over. My clothes still fit the same, no one else can tell.. plus I'm in pms week so maybe it will come back down, if not that is a.ok. I've always stabilized under, but I'm so loosey goosey with my eating this round I'm really surprised I'm stabilized at all. I did a steak day on sunday after eating many things I shouldn't have on saturday, brought me right back down. Nice to have that tool for sure.

    I think I'm addicted to this diet, to seeing the scale ...
  4. Round 3

    Ok, round 3 kinda stunk... it was my own fault completely, but it's still disappointing.

    My name is Kristina and I am a nibbling cheater

    My first 2 rounds on hhcg had pretty successful losses. No cheating on round 1, but round 2 was a cheat every single day but one *sigh* Still... I lost 23 lbs in the first 28 days.

    THIS round, I chose to do injections to see if it were any different than the hhcg. As far as regular losses, couldn't see much ...
  5. Round 3 better than 2

    Pms put me 3.5 lbs over ldw and loading put me up another 4.5. That's a bit depressing, but it's coming off pretty quickly.

    vlcd 1- 179
    vlcd 2- 175
    vlcd 3- 172.5

    Not too shabby. More importantly, I'm not hungry at all, and I have no desire to cheat. Round 2 was a complete torture session and I felt like a failure even with weight loss. I was afraid that round 3 would be a repeat but I feel so completely different, so relieved. I still think about a bite ...
  6. Round 3!

    So, tomorrow is Day one of round 3.

    TOM started today and I am still bloated as a thanksgiving day float, up 4 lbs over ldw.... I'm really, really trying not to sweat it, but I'm fairly worried where loading will put me. My husband wants to take the scale after my weigh in tomorrow, maybe I should let him take it. A week with no scale, I'm not sure I could do it, I am a scale addict weighing at least twice a day
    I shopped for loading getting lots of nuts and things for a ...
  7. Do I start my 3rd round earlier than planned??..hmmm

    I was planning on starting my third ( and oh how I hope my last ) round on April 26th. That would be 8 weeks between rounds, same as the first go around, but I am considering starting on the 4th.

    This whole second round has been a struggle for me, I have yet to pin point anything specific, maybe just the stress of my life right now has me wishy washy. I'm stabilizing pretty well this time, not as fabulous as the first, but hovering around the same number for the most part.. 1.5 lbs ...
  8. Mug muffins and cakes

    I've been playing around with mug cake and mug muffin recipes to suit my needs for fat/protein and calories for a given day. Here's what I have

    These figures come from livestrong.com and I round up.

    Mug Cake- 408 calories, 34 fat, 218 cholest., 174 sodium, 22 carbs, 5 fiber, 14 protein, 2 sugars
    1 tbsp coconut oil
    1 tsp vanilla
    1 tbsp half/half or cream
    2 tsp xylitol
    1/4 c almond flour/meal
    1 tbsp hershey's special dark cocoa ...
  9. Winner winner chicken dinner!!

    I'm up 1.5 this morning. I basically ate the same thing yesterday as I did the day before when I lost.. protein/fat/carb/sodium all nearly identical.

    The ONLY real difference is that I had to get up in the night to take that dang cold medicine so I would stop coughing!!!

    That has to be the reason for the gains over the weekend and today's gain, I just don't see any other culprits. I'll have to live with it, because I won't sleep a wink coughing all night long. Hopefully ...
  10. Finding my way

    I haven't blogged for a while, who would have thought I would miss it?

    I'm 12 days into P3 as of today. I had a little trouble over the weekend, and I'm still not clear on what caused it. I'm going to be honest about my indiscretions so it is of full benefit to others and anyone that has an opinion. I have been bouncing between 169.5 and 170 from day 2. One day did hit a 169, but it was brief and I don't really count it.

    On the 10th I was 170, had a meeting at school ...
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