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Liar Liar pants on fire!

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So I'm not waiting 14 weeks. I'm ok with that lol.

I'm starting my pellets on sunday for round 4. I've kicked my scale addiction and only plan on weighing once a week, I certainly don't want to get into that mode again. I've gained 5 lbs, vacation and my hubby home for a visit. I had actually gained 10 lbs but lost 5 with a steak day and the start of TOM. I've tried everything to get the last 5 off but it's not happening, and frankly I'm sick of worrying about it since I'm starting a new round soon.

I am a little concerned that I gained that weight without any REAL reason for gaining it. I had not been eating much on vaca because we were super busy and I think ultimately that was the cause. Now since I've been home and freaking out I'm still not eating what I should be. How easy it is to slip back into old habits, problem is eating to few calories does not work for me anymore, I gain! The hardest part of maintaining for me is eating enough food, I get busy and forget to eat, or feel guilty for eating, even salad. Maybe I can overcome those issues on this last round.

I promised my husband I wouldn't go under 145, I would really like to stick to that promise. I do not want to be all skin and bones, I just want the muffin top, little bit of bra flab and some inner thigh flab to take a hike. If I can achieve that I don't give a flyin fig what the scale says.

I'll be camping for the next 4 days, hopefully there is not anymore gaining, hahahahaha! Ok... that's not really realistic is it. We shall see See ya'll monday night!

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