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So...I am stabilizing 3 lbs over. My clothes still fit the same, no one else can tell.. plus I'm in pms week so maybe it will come back down, if not that is a.ok. I've always stabilized under, but I'm so loosey goosey with my eating this round I'm really surprised I'm stabilized at all. I did a steak day on sunday after eating many things I shouldn't have on saturday, brought me right back down. Nice to have that tool for sure.

I think I'm addicted to this diet, to seeing the scale go down, down, down. I promised I would do a 14 week break and I am sticking to it, but mid august seems so far away

So here is to my first sweaty fat roll free summer in almost 10 years!! Can't wait!

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  1. happydj's Avatar
    lol sweaty-fat-roll-free-summer! Hurray!