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Round 3

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Ok, round 3 kinda stunk... it was my own fault completely, but it's still disappointing.

My name is Kristina and I am a nibbling cheater

My first 2 rounds on hhcg had pretty successful losses. No cheating on round 1, but round 2 was a cheat every single day but one *sigh* Still... I lost 23 lbs in the first 28 days.

THIS round, I chose to do injections to see if it were any different than the hhcg. As far as regular losses, couldn't see much of a difference. In terms of convenience and hunger control, injects win hands down. I love the once a day dose, and no hunger at all. The BAD- if I had one nibble of something, anything, I had at least a 3-5 day stall, once I had a slight gain. One might say " so don't cheat" - well that would be the thought on that, but for ME- can't do it. I don't know why, I've spent the last two rounds trying to figure it out. Licking the knife used to spread peanut butter on the kids sandwich- not a lot on it, hardly any in fact... but enough to stall. One very small nibble of cheese-stall, ONE pistachio- gain!! I had chocolate every single day in round 2, plus a few little nibbles here and there, didn't seem to make a huge difference. Injects are clearly not for me.I have read many, many times that cheating in P2 will make you unstable in P3- not at all true for me, at least last time, we'll see about this round.

In the last 2 weeks of P2 I went up and down between 163 and 166... couldn't seem to get off that "zone" I did notice inch loss, especially in my arms and legs and who does not love that right? I drop to 162 briefly and I've been bobbing around that zone again. I have not done a steak day, doesn't feel necessary for some reason.
One interesting thing- when logging my foods for the last few days I noticed that my lower calorie days resulted in a gain or static- saturday was 164 ( I had some gluten) and 1500 calories, sunday I weighed 166.5 then ate a whopping 3100 calories, monday morning weighed 163.5. Veeeeeery interesting. Monday's food came to 1635, so we will see what it brings in the am.

I will say, for someone that has had lifelong dieting and food issues, it's super hard to wrap my brain around eating more calories, more fat, more delicious food!! I find myself starting to weigh my meat or looking at the clock to see if it's a meal time lol. I do not intend to do either of these at anytime other than during a p2

So enough random babbling.. just trying to figure things out, find my groove that will keep me where I want to be for the long haul. Still need that last 15-20 lbs to come off, but that will be waiting until september- and I will be doing an hhcg round

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