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Round 4 under way

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Not really a big deal for me this round, I didn't really "load" like most people do I guess. We camped over the holiday weekend and I ate whatever I felt like eating, whenever. Chips, brats with the bun, pound cake, a bazillion of my yummy non fried poppers. I had sooo much to drink, I'm such a light weight now lol, I have no idea where my cutoff point is. Anyway, I lost 5 lbs over the weekend, not sure how that happened but yahoo!

Because I didn't gain, I didn't have that all day flush of fluids like usual and I decided to only weigh once a week- I'm pretty sure there was not a 5 lb drop this time. I was actually feeling worried that I was not going to lose this time, so I started looking back over my previous rounds and I feel so much better. I did not gain with loading on my first round and didn't have a big drop the first day or the all day trips to the bathroom. I did lose 2+ lbs a day for 7 days Just let me lose 25 lbs, please oh please, and let this be my last round.

I'm thinking of getting a little therapy. People think I don't need it, but I have horrible self esteem and issues with food. I would like a little help getting my brain to see what others see, to be happy with me. I have high hopes for this round, not only for the weight loss, but for the mental adjustment needed going from fat to thin. I still feel fat, even though my rational brain knows that I am not.

So many things to get used to, hope I can get there.

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