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Lilli M

hcg support

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Hi everyone I am new to this forum and I am looking for someone who is doing hcg now so that we may encourage each other I can not do this diet alone, lol thanks.

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  1. LoriL's Avatar
    I would love an encouragement buddy! VLCD 14, looking at a 30-40 day round, according to how long I can hang in!
  2. hcgMommyof3CuteeZ2014's Avatar
    I am barely starting as of last week Loaded on Mothers day and started on the 12th with VLCD 1 I would love to do this together!! You can totally do this!! Prepare your meals prior so you will not have any urge to gorge on anything you see. You are further into this as I am however, I am pretty new and have researched tons of information and VLOGS are great to check out as well
    Good Luck!!!!