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Oh a blog!!

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Psych! I didn't realize that there was a blog on this site. Great, I love blogging!

Well, let's start at where I started. 269.6 on January 1, 2012. It's the exact same weight I was at when I started Medifast in June of 2009. Down to the ounce!

Today is VLCD 35 for me and I'm down 28.8 lbs. It took me 3 months on Medifast to lose that much weight! WOW! The trick is, of course, to keep it off until the next round.

That being said, I can't wait to get to R3! Every night I dream of food. Seriously. Started a few days ago. Can you gain weight dreaming about hot fudge sundae's and pizza?

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  1. mcrider1996's Avatar
    I sure hope we can't gain from food dreams cause I've been having some mouth watering dreams...OMG I can't wait to get to P3 to add a little something different.
  2. taylorfam55's Avatar
    Be careful going into P3 I had ONE splurge day when I came off my first round. It was New Years Eve. I gained 4 pounds in one night!!!! It took me 2 weeks to get it back off and now Im stabilized but waiting to start my next round. I have added back in some low carb stuff and mostly follow south beach diet eating, tried switching to Atkins and felt the fat literally plop into my stomach! UGH! So just trying to be helpful and warn you from my recent almost out of control spin! Good Luck!
  3. destinyave's Avatar
    Look into the leptin rx you can find info on this site if you search for it. I did it after my last round and stabilized great.And remember go slow adding in foods.Also like taylorfam said don't cheat in P3 from my understanding cheats early on in P3 can be devastating.Just my 2 pennies
  4. DimePieceComing's Avatar
    I'm always dreaming and thinking about food. This is my first round on the drops and I am looking forward to my second round and loading days! Great Job!