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Where is my mistake?

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I don't cheat. But I feel I'm losing so little.
I started at 166.8 gained 4ls loading and on day 22 P2 and now weigh 156.2

I lose .4 if I can go to the bathroom .2 or nothing otherwise.
The only time I lost a whole lb. was the first week.

I wonder if an apple day would help?

I eat chick, shrimp and fish
Asparagus, tomato, cucumbers, lettuce, spinich
Apple, grapefruit, and once in a while orange or strawberries
I stopped eating breadsticks most days.

At day 22 and know I can't stop yet. Want to lose 10 more lbs.
Wondering what I need to change to make me lose more.

I've always walked an hour a day, but now feel weak so cut it out.
I bought all new products but maybe I'm using something I Shouldn't.
I use Toms toothpaste and deodorant
Baby shampoo and a conditioner and lotion I ordered of line.
All spices I got off line too.
I drink water add lemon
drink one or two tea a day with liquid stevia.

PLEASE give me advice.

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  1. MarleyMom24's Avatar
    i'm no expert but i'll try. My first thought is that you are doing pretty darn good! Most women average .5 per day. And thats good. So you are a little over average. The lotion and conditioner stood out to me as possible culprits! I would cut those out. at least the lotion. Good idea cutting out the breadsticks. I dont use those either. Are you mixing up your meals? Sometimes switching up your meal combinations helps. you are not supposed to have 2 meals the same in one day. and i dont know if you are eating 2 apples a day but they say not to do that. Some ppl cut out one fruit a day all together. Just keep plugging along! Sometimes if the scale isnt moving you are still losing inches! Have you taken measurements? If not its kinda late but do it anyways! Because sometimes it's the inches more than the lbs. Fat is on the move! Sometimes it takes more than one round. If you dont reach your goal this time. Concider going into p3 and 4 and back for another round to lose the last 5-10 lbs! Or even just extending this one depending on what type of hcg you are doing. Keep us posted !
  2. shadowcat410's Avatar
    Do you drink at least 78 oz of water a day? (half your weight in oz)

    How tall are you? What drops are you using? Where did you purchase them?
  3. Dubbles's Avatar
    Marley Mom is right, your average is about a half pound a day. That's what I averaged over my rounds, generally. It adds up over time. She gave you a lot of things to consider, so there's not much I can add. Just wondering if you are drinking LOTS of water or green tea (which is supposed to help lose weight). and I mean plenty of liquids. If not, try that. If I don't have to get up in the night to pee several times, my losses are going slower. Do you do that? If not, drink more. Good luck, hang in there, it'll average out.
  4. Catthai's Avatar
    Ditto on what others said - you are doing good. Mine was slow too and it was all those announcements of ONE POUND LOST TODAY and TWO POUNDS LOST TODAY! that were depressing.

    Checking your list... these have caused gains with some: tomatoes, grapefruit and oranges.

    Also, switch to green apples instead of red. Dubbles gave me that tip and I believe it does work. Red apples have a higher sugar content, right?

    I was going to do an apple day but was advised against. Reason being, it's only water weight so it'll come back on quickly, depressing you. Also, they are not easy to do, so all that work just to pee? ;-)

    Good luck, you are doing well!
  5. Lin's Avatar
    Ok Thanks everyone I think I'm a little short on my water maybe. I drink a lot but rarely get up at night. usually 2 10oz cups of tea and 4 16.9 oz water bottles.
    I think I'll also skip all lotion and conditioner this week too to see. I don't like the green tea but I can get two down a day so I'll add that back in. I bought Pomegranate Green Tea. But I guess that will have to wait for P3 too. I don't see the inches move on the tape measure, But I got into a smaller size jean Sat so that made me smile! I use hcg slim 12x, 30x, 60x drops from Lighthouse Chiropractic. I'm 5'4" and today am 154.4 still have that muffin top!