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I did it. Today was my first time ever using the drops or anything Hcg ever.
I will come to this blog to share my progress as I take this journey.

  1. Joplin MO

    Dear Online Friends,

    I just wanted to take a moment and explain that it will be a few days before I return to the boards.
    My hometown is Joplin MO and all of my family still resides there. As I am sure that you all are aware that Joplin was hit by a Tornado.

    It is so bad. I am in Kansas City at Children's Mercy with my daughter (not related to tornado) but we were evacuated for the disaster victims of Joplin to be flown up... this is a children's hospital, ...
  2. Oh my Gosh I just realized I have 17 days left...

    Wow, what a scary thought to think that I only have 17 days left of my P2 and then I will go into P3.

    I am so happy with my losses so far and I am wanting to lose more (of course) I just hope that the last 3 weeks will be really really good too me. I was going to go shopping when I reached 192 but I think I may wait until these 17 days are over and then go.

    I think I read someplace on the boards that some people lose weight in P3 and that your body continues to melt, ...
  3. Announcing ONDERLAND

    woohoo I made it to ONDERLAND today.
    Now, my goal is too never ever and I mean never get back to the 2's again. I am officially the same weight I was when I met my hubby (a year ago May 5th). So, I have been thinking about this all day and as I continue to lose weight I will be a new person to my hubby and children, a skinnier person that they have never seen.

    Its shameful, my daughter is 17 and I do not think she has ever seen me less than this size. I am looking forward ...
  4. Question: Is anyone tanning or using a tanning bed while on Hcg

    I am getting so pale that the white paint in my house looks tan!
    Is anyone out there tanning?
  5. ? about doing Hhcg drops for 40 days

    hello all,

    I have a question. I am wanting to do my Hhcg drops for the entire 40 days and I think I read on here somewhere to skip Sundays or 1 day a week. Is this correct?

    Also, is anyone taking a multi vitamin? If so, may I ask which kind.