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Joplin MO

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Dear Online Friends,

I just wanted to take a moment and explain that it will be a few days before I return to the boards.
My hometown is Joplin MO and all of my family still resides there. As I am sure that you all are aware that Joplin was hit by a Tornado.

It is so bad. I am in Kansas City at Children's Mercy with my daughter (not related to tornado) but we were evacuated for the disaster victims of Joplin to be flown up... this is a children's hospital, unfortunately as many patients (children) were being flown they died and the helicoptors had to unload fly back and get more patients.

I just picked my daughter up Saturday morning and my 10 year old son was on supoose to be in Joplin but I delayed him leaving (thank you Jesus)... I am so fortunate.

More than 75% of our town is gone, we have deceased freinds and still have family missing. I am a nurse and unable to get there to offer my help in anyway at all. If you are close and are medical personnel please go, offer your help.

If you are not medical personnel then please offer your prayers.
I have never seen such devastation and destruction as this before. Please take an extra moment to hold your loved ones just a little longer today.

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  1. Lisa978110's Avatar
    We wish the best for everyone who has been effected by this tornado. Our prayers are with you!
  2. AtrueHeart's Avatar
    That's awful hon. I am in Missouri also, Waynesville. We had wind and rain but no tornado. Will be keeping Joplin in our prayers.
  3. Grammie50's Avatar
    Absolutely our prayers are with all! That was a terrible tragedy. The pictures are just horrible. I hope everything is ok with your daughter.
  4. SweetKatieA's Avatar
    Oh God I'm so so sorry! I have a friend that just moved a few towns away from Joplin, she is a L&D nurse that worked in the hospital there... I'm so sorry and you're so fortunate about your son. Hold your loved ones close. Our lives can change with each breath we take. I wish there was something more I could do other than pray, but pray I shall. I wish you nothing but good thoughts and love.