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Day 11 of VLCD round 3

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So, I woke up on day 9 to no loss. I had walked at the mall, on day 8, and again on day 9. But because I had no loss on day 8, I decided to cut all carbs again on day 9.

I woke up on day 10 to a 1# loss...I was hoping for more, but happy for this!

But, I am hungry. On Day 10 of VLCD I again cut out carbs, but I did not walk.

So, I woke up today, on Day 11 of VLCD with another 1# loss. That makes 17 pounds in 11 days of VLCD! YIPPEE!

So, today, I have added my fruit back in to the diet. But, I have decided not to take my shot today, because I am hungry. I cut out the B-12 pills, and I am better; but I never had ANY hunger my first round of Hhcg! I am hungry. I don't want to eat, I have no cravings, I am just hungry. So we will see if this helps.

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