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Day 8 of VLCD in Round 3

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Super pleased with my progress so far. Now that the hunger is under control, I feel good and strong and excited to be losing weight.

This morning I got up and had one pound lost! So, that makes 15 pounds in 8 days of VLCD! Day 6 I had no loss. I think I have figured out why. I ate shrimp, which never works for me. I always stall when I have it; and I had mushrooms. I forgot that they are not on the protocol!

I am going to go strictly on the protocol this time...I am POP! "Perfectly On Protocol", This round. As far as eating is concerned. I will not give up my makeup or face creams! But, I think it is important, to stay on the eating plan, strictly Simeons says so over and over in the book! He already tried everything in all the years he did the diet, and I think I need to trust him. But....but....I may again do a no carb day after a stall day...

In my first round I use to try everything. the cocoa delight...mistake! Cabbage soup...Mistake! Now that I am paying more for the diet, and want to maximize my losses...I am going to stick as close as I can...

I am a food addict. I haven't been entirely honest in my description. Yes, I did gain 70 pounds in a couple months because of my Auto immune disease, but, before that, honestly I was a yo yo dieter. Since I was 15 years old, I have been dieting. At 15, when I weighed 115 pounds, and wanted to be 105, and so I went on the liquid protein diet. That was the beginning of my problems. I was fine the way I was! I ruined my metabolism and my life, really. After the fast, I began my career as a bulimic...horrible! I spent 16 years binging and purging, until I tore up my stomach and esophagus. Then I used carb blockers and laxatives! It was such a horrible way to live. When found out about my thyroid trouble, and my other autoimmune problems; I was older, and with three little girls, decided that I had enough of purging..besides, with low thyroid and fibromyalgia, I didn't have the energy to do it!!

So, during my first round of HCG I began to go to Celebrate Recovery...my first good move! In Celebrate Recovery, as I listened to other people tell their addiction stories, (because our small CR did not have a food group, we were in with drug addicts and alcoholics) wow, they sound just exactly the same way I am with food! I learned that I am indeed an addict, just what I am addicted to, is more "acceptable" to the world; but honestly, not to God. Gluttony is called a "deadly" sin for a reason. It kills our souls, and our body. Not to add guilt to anyone, because not everyone is a food addict. But, for me, this gluttony and dieting is just a miserable, depressing disorder. And the HCG diet is the cure. A medical treatment for my addiction. The protocol is the detox stage of breaking addiction.

I think I will write more on this tomorrow. Right now, I have to go to the mall and walk. I am living in the "heat dome" and with all my health problems, I am not going outside! Bye!

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