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No loss on Day 12 of VLCD

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No loss today...makes me sad!

Yesterday, I skipped my shot, and felt absolutely no different at all. I am doing well on the dose I am on...I am just going to tough it out.

I cut back to one fruit, since I didn't lose. But, I also ate tomatoes on Day 11. I never lose when I eat them, so I should know better.

I stuck to Protocol today. Getting blue...getting sick of the diet..yes, I have lost 17 pounds, but I am still so fat, that it makes me depressed. I need to lose 15 more pounds before I begin to feel good about myself again.

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  1. Kristilyn's Avatar
    I totally get what you're saying. If I don't land under 240 before P3 I won't go on P3. I have to reach that section in order to be even in my head about it. I wanted to be thin yesterday! Instant gratification takes too long. I want to be thin NOW!
  2. Brileo's Avatar
    Could it be "goitronic" or the "cruciferous"vegetables?