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I'm desperate & I hope this works

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So I have not lost an ounce since last Wednesday... 5 days ago..NO LOSS!! Yes, i'm on my TOM but still....i'm super discouraged right now. I am desperate. I can not show up to my Dr.'s appt in 2 days without a loss. SO, my friend suggested that I try this age old trick to drop lbs quick. for 1 day, only consume liquids, specifically chicken buillon and sugar free jello only. lots of water. today i tried it but also had some lite cool whip, a taste of mashed potatoes, and 2 breaded chicken strips. oh and about an ounce of steak. i have no clue if this will work, but im dreading the scale tomorrow. i have no idea what to expect. help! i need encouragement please!

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  1. curvygirl63's Avatar
    When you are on TOM, you usually will not lose any weight because your body is retaining water.

    Are you in P2, P3 or P4?

    The foods you ate are not P2 foods. Cool whip, breaded chicken strips [from the frozen section] have hidden sugars and fillers to make them taste good. You may not be losing becasue of those hidden sugars/fillers you are eating. Chicken Buillon is loaded with salt which will cause you to retain water or show a huge gain.

    Examine your food intake. You may find out why you aren't showing a loss, even on TOM.

    If you are patient, follow the original protocol, HCG DOES WORK.

    Good luck.
    Updated August 28th, 2012 at 12:32 PM by curvygirl63
  2. Rusty's Avatar
    Read Pounds and Inches. Dr. S suggests an apple day after 4 days of stalls. Some say it doesn't work, but it does for me. Maybe I was going to lose the weight anyway, but it made me feel proactive about jumpstarting my losses.

    Don't listen to your friends, they don't know or understand hCG. I agree with curvygirl, you are probably retaining water, and filling up on crap food will not help, especially the buillon and chicken strips.

    Write off these days, and start fresh tomorrow. Once TOM is gone, your losses will kick back in. Drink lots of water and be patient! Happy losses!