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  1. Help Day 1

    Hi my name is Lisa and I am on my 3 rd round. This time i kept off the 30 pounds unlike last time. yay. But I am doing a 23 day round and I know I messed up with my mixing injection HCG.

    I had 2,000 IU and I used 10cc of Bacterial Water.

    I want to inject 150 or 175 worth of solution. So where is that on the syringe?
    Next time I will mix it with 6cc of Bac water, but for this time how much do i inject.

    I am great at the diet but horrible at mixing ...
  2. Stall ended Yay!

    Geez, finally an end to the stall. My losses have been so slow these last 3 weeks and had a 5 day stall. i think my body really likes the 160's and does not want to leave, lol.

    Well lost almost a pound today, i did have some coco crack last night - only one piece. I hope it was that yummy that worked.

    I have 2 more weeks to go so I hope that I can be comfortable into the 150's by the time I leave P2.
    Time will tell!

  3. Stalls.... Grrrr

    I have been stuck at 163 for the last 5 days, grrr.
    I am getting ready to break this barrier but I am feeling like I am still losing inches and am loving the feel of my new body. 27 pounds down makes such a huge difference. So I am trying to chill out and just enjoy my new body, appreciate it. Yay me!!!

    When my body is ready to release some more pounds, I will take it.
  4. OMG I lost 2 pounds

    So excited, I am down 2 pounds was am on my period and just rockin it. I have been naughty and cheating last weekend which was not worth it but have finally been really into again this week just following protocol and it is paying off.

    My mothers side of the family has joined in this and I love being able to tell them to join this forum and learn all the great tuff I have learned so they can be successful too!

    Happy Saturday everyone!!!!

  5. Confession!

    Geez, my period must be coming so yesterday I had some huge cravings and ended up having some Pho soup and about 5 pieces of coco crack. I gained a pound this morning and think most of it was water.

    But today i have no excuses for. I ate everything, sigh...
    I had some mahi mahi for lunch that was fine, but then...

    I had an ice cream sunday, pizza, lympia and some yogurt. I just got back on protocol this week and I am sucking. i lost all the weight i gained last ...
  6. Losing Great again! :)

    So since I have been back from Vegas I have been losing very fast. I gained 5.5 and have lost it all so far. yay
    It has been over a month since I lost so quick, I wonder if the PI restarted my system. I also mixed some new solution which is fresh.

    Whatever I am doing is working, so i am happy. I also have the flu, so maybe that is helping too, lol.

  7. Back from Vegas and on P2

    It hurts just writing about Vegas. LOL. It was very fun and super out of control. I did not eat much becasue i sure did drink. I have never had so much Vodka in my life.
    i ate some eggs and some meat, oh and Sunday I had some leftover pizza and Sandwhiches and Mexican food. Darn it I was doing so well. Didn't weigh myself till Monday and gained about 5.5 pounds. So I do no think that is so bad, considering. I am so used to eating so few less calories, i really think it helped me not ...
  8. FFF Day rocks!!!

    I lost 3 pounds and the darn scale moved the right way for once. I got down to 168.8. That is a new record for me, yay. I wanted to leave for my PI as low as possible. So I know i will be drinking - a lot. We will see what happens. I will do another FFF day when i get back on Monday - that should help. Have a great weekend nd hope you all have great losses this weekend. I will be a big winner in Vegas, yay!

    Talk to you all on Monday!

  9. First Day of P3 - Need advice!!!

    So I am n my planned interuption. I started early. Yesterday I ate some almond flour cookies with xyntanol and tried the Oopsie Rolls and then a steak for dinner.
    I gained a pound yesterday so I am up to 170.6. I did about 30 days and lost 21 pounds which is not what i was hoping for but oh well, my own fault. So I have a choice to stay in P3 for 3 weeks or just get right back into P2 on Monday, and go as low as I can i have 40 more pounds to go...

    So if I do P3 for 3 weeks ...
  10. Oh Boy

    So this is my last HCG day before the planned interuption so I made food for tomorrow and of course I had to sample it all. Yuck, my tummy hurts and I ate too much, stuff I am not supposed to.

    Oopsie Rolls - They were acually as flat as a pancake but can definatly see myself enjoying them.

    Peanut butter cookies- Dense from the Almond Flour and needed more sugar - fake sugar

    Mug Cakes - But I made it in the oven so I added baking soda and it was good but ...
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